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Wallpaper may not be trendy right now, but it’s still a wall-finishing option worth considering because it can enhance the aesthetics of small rooms. Manufacturers have recently reintroduced Wallpaper with useful features such as blocking WiFi waves, preventing walls from collapsing during earthquakes, and incorporating LEDs for lighting. In addition, wallpaper printing techniques have progressed from woodblock and stenciling to digital printing. Wallpaper is typically purchased in rolls. At Abu Dhabi Wallpaper, you can find all the varieties of wallpapers.

History of Wallpaper 

Since before the 18th century, various types of Wallpaper were used to cover walls and add a decorative element to interior spaces. It first appeared during the Renaissance as a less expensive alternative to tapestries, which were used by the wealthy to cover stone walls, keep the heat out, and add colour to their rooms. Earlier designers drew scenic beauty on wallpapers rather than patterns, and England and France were the two largest manufacturers. In the late 17th century, China began producing high-quality Wallpaper as well. Because it was hand-painted and expensive, it was mostly used in palaces. By the turn of the twentieth century, patterned Wallpaper had become an essential wall finishing material for homes; however, plain painting had surpassed its popularity halfway through the century.

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Why is Wallpaper used?

  • Wallpaper is usually more expensive than paint. But, it has various styles, some of which are quite affordable. 
  • It also comes in many different designs, patterns, and surface finishes.
  • Wallpaper can be applied to your walls in various ways, including pasting the wall, pasting the paper and peeling and sticking. 
  • Wallpaper, particularly peel-and-stick Wallpaper, is easily removed and replaced easily. Such varieties can last up to 15 years.
  • Many types of Wallpaper are easily washable.
  • Because of their easier maintenance and durable life, some types can be used in high-traffic areas at home.
  • You can also use Wallpaper to personalize temporary housing, such as dorms and rentals because it is simple to install and remove.
  • It can easily cover uneven walls and hide defects with minimal initial preparations.
  • Wallpaper is environmentally friendly because it is made entirely of natural materials and has no harmful chemicals in its adhesives.
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