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Elevate Your Walls with Top-Quality Liner Wallpaper

Liner wallpaper is applied to bare walls or ceilings in preparation for painting or papering with decorative wallpaper. Lining paper aims to cover minor imperfections on a surface before painting it. It also helps to hide an intense color previously applied to walls or ceilings before a lighter color wallpaper or paint is applied. These are the most cost-effective wallpapers that you can use at any place.

Understanding Liner Wallpaper: A Guide to Versatile Wall Coverings

In a nutshell, liner wallpaper is designed to be applied directly to your walls before being covered with standard wallpaper. Lining wallpaper is a durable type of wallpaper made of strong fibers. It is long-lasting and helps to even out walls, making wallpaper application easier and more professional. Some liner wallpaper, particularly the heavier ones, is made from environmentally friendly fibers, so you’ll be helping the environment while preparing your walls for wallpaper.

Benefits of Using Lining Wallpaper for Your Home Decor

Liner wallpaper, whatever type you buy, has several advantages. 

  • Smoothens the walls 

The first and most commonly known is that lining paper can help smooth your room’s walls. Thin lining paper can help disguise small bumps, pits, and cracks in the wall, while more heavy-duty wallpapers can cover any imperfections. By using lining paper, you ensure a flatter finish to your walls. Hence, applying liner wallpapers will give your space an extraordinary look.

Liner Wallpaper
  • Stops wallpaper shrinking

The second benefit of using liner wallpaper is that it helps prevent shrinkage of your wallpaper. One of the most common issues with applying standard wallpaper directly to your walls is that it tends to expand when wet and shrink once dry. It can cause gaps between your wallpaper drops after decorating, resulting in less-than-professional results. Lining paper can help by holding the expanded wallpaper while it dries, preventing it from shrinking back to its original size.

  • Prevents wallpaper peeling

Another benefit of lining wallpaper is that it helps to keep your wallpaper from peeling. If wallpaper is applied directly to plastered or painted walls, it may peel or slide away from the wall once dry, necessitating reapplication. Interior Designers commonly use it when less expensive wallpapers and adhesives are used. You can achieve a more durable and long-lasting finish by first applying liner wallpaper to your walls.

Liner Wallpaper

Why Choose Liner Wallpaper from Abu Dhabi Wallpaper?

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