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When you’ve decided to decorate, one of the first things you will start thinking about is whether to paint your walls or apply wallpaper. You may have new soft furnishings, furniture, and flooring, and having a suitable backdrop will set the scene, completing interiors. If you are opting to redecorate rather than transform your space, using wallpaper can instantly change the mood and style of a room.

If you have a small room, you need to make it feel bigger and lighter, and a neutral or metallic wallpaper will brighten the space. The perception of installing wallpaper is not tough. Unlike traditional wallpapers printed onto paper, this innovative innovation makes decorating simple and takes less time! Wallpaper reflects a person’s personality because of the variety of designs, colours, and textures.

Types of Wallpaper We Have

Liner Wallpaper
This type of wallpaper, also known as lining paper, is made of paper or fibreglass. You can use it to conceal wall imperfections and as a base for more delicate wallpapers, and it’s also simple to apply and remove.

Printed Wallpaper
This style is widely used and comes in a variety of colours and patterns. The digitally-printed wallpaper usually is cheaper than the hand-printed, and it can be mass-produced, but it could be torn easily.

Vinyl Wallpaper
It’s made of printed paper with layered vinyl on top. It is the most used wallpaper because of its high durability. The more durable the wallpaper is, the thicker the vinyl coating layer is.

Foil Wallpaper
This type’s base is a polished metal foil, which gives the interior space a gleaming metallic appearance. Foil wallpaper highlights wall flaws due to its high reflectivity.

Flock Wallpaper
Flock wallpaper is distinguished by its fuzzy three-dimensional patterns created by printing a velvet-like fibre on the paper’s base. It is the most expensive wallpaper, but it is also one of the most difficult to maintain.

Make Your Wallpaper More Interesting

Our wallpaper collection is diverse, with a wide range of styles. You’ll find everything from animals and birds to florals and geometrics. Look through our top wallpaper design styles if you’re not sure where to begin. With a colour palette spanning from Blush Pinks and on-trend Teals to dramatic Blacks & popping Yellow, you will find a wallpaper colour to suit any theme. 

Our wallpapers are easy to install, whether you hire a decorator or choose to do the task yourself. Try our biggest collection, featuring l beaded wallpapers to bring an opulent feel to any room. Try our Plain & Textured wallpaper collection. All wallpaper at Abu Dhabi Wallpaper is of the highest quality finish. We’re proud of our unique designs and fantastic durability.

We provide the ease of hanging and application with our innovative paste the wall technology. Our wallpapers are easy to hang and remove, and they are printed on what is often referred to as paste the wall wallpaper. Our wallpapers are easy to hang and remove, and they are printed on what is often referred to as paste the wall wallpaper. Our wallpapers can be peeled back and removed in big pieces.

  • Wallpaper is durable and can last over 15 years, making it very cost-effective.
  • When wallpaper has been hung properly, it can last three times longer than paint.
  • If you have imperfect walls, high-quality wallpaper can hide surface imperfections.
  • Wallpaper comes in various designs with a large selection of textures and effects. 
  • Wallpaper isn’t messy to apply, and there is no risk of splatters on any of your furniture.
Printed Wallpaper
Flock Wallpaper
Wallpaper Installation Services


Why Choose Abu Dhabi Wallpaper For Buying Wallpapers?

At Abu Dhabi Wallpaper, we have a huge range of wallpaper designs. We have wallpapers to suit your style, whether you’re decorating your hallway, living room, bedroom, or dining room! Wallpapers are a great way to make your home more personal and unique. With hundreds of wallpapers, you can find inspiration and shop by colour below. We craft our wallpapers with the passion for creating a loving home, especially for you!

Through continuous innovation, creativity, and craftsmanship, we have inspired people to think differently about their walls. To help make a choice easier, all our wallpapers have recommended colours that our trends and colour team have picked to complement, match or contrast with the key colours in each wallpaper. Our customers can shop for wallpaper and paint that are truly made for each other is the most important thing to us.

Are you looking to fill some life into your home? What better way to express yourself than by meticulously decorating your walls? We’ve carefully crafted wallpapers with just the right amount of colour and style to suit your mood, need, and personality! For design ideas or to order custom-made wallpapers online, please contact us.

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