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Best Foil Wallpaper

Foil wallpaper is a shiny background or design made from a thin sheet of aluminium or metallic Mylar laminated to a paper backing popular in the 1970s. The sheen can range from muted to extremely gleaming. Some foil wallpapers may be difficult to distinguish from regular wallpapers printed with metallic powders or inks. If you’re thinking about installing it, do your homework first. Before installation, get proper knowledge of its pros and cons. And if you need any guidance, our experts are always there for you.

Advantages of foil wallpaper

Foil wallpaper has several advantages. A few among them are –

  • Illuminates dark areas

Mirrors are an age-old decorating trick for bringing light into a dark space and making small spaces appear larger. Foil wallpaper uses the same principle to reflect and bounce light around the room’s perimeter. The foil wallpaper brightens up a small space and gives the impression that its four walls stretch indefinitely.

  • Humidity resistance

Foil wallpaper can withstand higher humidity than most other types of wallcovering because the foil layer acts as a vapour barrier. With foil wallpaper, bathroom installations are not impossible. However, ensure enough ventilation in the room; you don’t want condensation drips down the foil.

Foil Wallpaper

Things to Know When Installing Foil Wallpaper

  • Damages easily

Is it possible to unroll a large sheet of aluminium foil without bending it? Almost impossible. Foil wallpaper is also delicate and easily scratched and bent, particularly by installation tools, and it is permanently damaged once it has been damaged. You should hire a professional to install foil wallpaper unless you’re very comfortable doing so.

  • Highlights the faults

Unlike flocked wallpaper, foil wallpaper will not only highlight but also amplify inconsistencies in your walls. It’s good to install paper lining before foil wallpaper and ensure your wall surface is perfectly clean and smooth. The lining of the liner wallpaper acts as a buffer between the wallpaper and the wall surface, preventing flaws and subtle orange-peel texture from paint rollers from telegraphing through.

Foil Wallpaper
  • Difficult to remove

Foil wallpaper is notorious for being difficult to remove and causing drywall damage. The top layer may easily peel away, leaving the paper backing to be scraped off separately. To break the adhesive bond, score the top foil layer and soak it in a solution. Always take care of this wallpaper while removing it. 

Why Choose Foil Wallpaper From Abu Dhabi Wallpaper?

If you’re using a new foil wallpaper for installation, prime the wall and use a nonwoven liner to avoid future frustration. A liner wallpaper will make its removal much easier, prevent damage to your wall surface, and make it smoother. Abu Dhabi Wallpaper offers its clients some good design advice about starting the process. We have a wide range of designs that will fit your space and installation and pre-installation services to ensure complete satisfaction. You can also customise the wallpapers as per the interiors of your space and your taste. Our experts will guide you in choosing the best for you.