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Non-woven wallpaper

Wallpaper is becoming more popular in homes and offices to break the mold of traditional paint-based design. This also meets the needs of today’s youth, who are looking for more visual techniques. Wallpaper not only has a distinct design individuality, but it also complies with environmental regulations. The most contemporary home décor wall art is nonwoven, non-wallpaper.

What is nonwoven wallpaper?

The nonwoven wallpaper product is constructed of processed natural plant fibre and high-quality natural wood. As a result, they are on a different material level than before, as they are environmentally beneficial natural things with a technological advantage. Breathable, lightweight, and malleable, nonwovens are also very easy to install and remove from the wall. The wall beneath the wallpaper is protected against mildew growth since nonwoven wallpaper has a permeable edge. It also has excellent heat and sound insulation and can be used in any space.

The Advantages of Non-Woven Wallpaper

  • All of our Wallpaper is made of nonwoven materials. They’re simple to hang because you may stick the wallpaper to the wall rather than wetting it in glue. They don’t expand or contract like old, and they glide once mounted on the wall, making pattern alignment easy.
  • They are also ripping resilient, ensuring that no material is torn during installation.
  • Organic and inorganic fibres are used to make them. NonwovenNonwoven wallpapers are washable and breathable, making them mold-resistant and ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.
  • However, the actual advantage of nonwoven wallpaper is that it comes off easily after six weeks once it is scorched. This wallpaper can be left to dry completely.
  • Nonwoven wallpaper is made out of directed or arbitrary fibres, is moisture resistant and breathable, and environmentally benign and flexible. Paving on the wall adds to the visual appeal while providing sound and heat insulation. It’s a popular wall decoration in high-end homes, especially in bedrooms.
Non woven wallpaper
  • These wallpapers are free of impurities and dangerous ingredients, and they are an environmentally safe product, so you don’t have to be concerned about the health of those who live in this space. 
  • The Non woven Wallpaper includes a built-in table and bottom, no paper foundation, and uses superior direct printing and colour registration technology. It has a deeper colour palette than the cloth surface wallpaper. It’s the ideal blend of noble and exquisite classic patterns with a simple and trendy current design style.
Non woven wallpaper
  • Only a tiny amount of glue is used while attaching because only the wall is smeared, which saves time.
  • Nonwoven wallpaper is easier to install, more water-resistant, more difficult to stitch, no warping, seams remain intact as before, natural quality, fragrance, and trendy. 

We have seen how many advantages nonwoven wallpaper offers. Now one more thing is essential: to search for the best professional wallpaper installation services. So you can stop your search here at Abu Dhabi wallpaper. 

Why choose us? 

These are only a few of Abu Dhabi Wallpaper’s many non-woven wallpaper patterns. These wallpapers can be adjusted to meet your specific needs and offer a fashionable touch to your interiors and exteriors. They are also available in various price ranges, ranging from simple designs to stunningly artistic wallpaper with excellent quality materials. Regardless of the style of wallpaper you choose, the quality of the wallpaper becomes an essential aspect in deciding its lifespan.